Harlecoin Casino game is a new online casino game which recently launched a new version “Harlen” for a change. The original game was very simple, with no real twists, much like the old versions. But, as more casino enthusiasts started reviewing the new game, they started asking questions, such as: does it have the same game mechanics as the old version? Will there be any updates to the game in the future? And, is Harlecoin  just another flash game which might not be that popular in the long run?

For people who know their way around casino games, it might not be a surprise to know that many of them would have loved to see an update on the old game mechanics. Because, the current version, Harlecoin , is not just a flash game; it’s also a game with real cash-money transactions. In fact, many people would appreciate if the game would let you use actual cash to buy or sell the available symbols/surroundings on the screen. For those who know how to read symbols and what they represent, Harlecoin has a similar system of purchasing coins as well as a system for selling symbols to the highest bidder.

Although the graphics are not as pretty as other slot games available on the internet, the basics of the mechanics of Harlecoin are not far from others in the slot game genre. This casino game has a single payline and four levels, each more challenging than the last. As you move through the single payline, you will score by landing on a red symbol which is worth one point and only available on that payline. The levels go from hardest to easiest with harder ones requiring less points to complete. The fruit machine is also based on probability instead of real-life gambling like many other slot machines do.

Harlecoin has a lot of similarities with other slot games on the internet in that it features a single portable, four levels, a single freeze screen, a limited amount of coins (500 in total), and the same icons/symbol values. Although its contents differ significantly from other slot games on the net, the similarities in the mechanics of the game end there. Unlike other games, where the icons are collected by moving over the playing area, the icons in Harlecoin are collected by watching a timer and waiting for a specific icon/symbol value to expire. If you don’t want to collect the icons, then you just won’t have enough time to play the game.

Like other slot games online, you start your session by selecting a ‘reset’ tab on your interface. When you click this tab, the interface will be refreshed and all your previous results will be deleted. You can then choose a new ‘reset’ number by clicking the appropriate number on your screen. In addition to changing your portable, you may also change the colors, logos, names and number of coins in the machine. However, to change your symbols, you must first click on the appropriate symbol in the upper left corner of your screen. To change your coins, just click on the coins in the lower left corner.

There are a total of three reels in Harlecoin: the wild, single payline and double reel. Each has its own number of icons, with the wild having five icons, the single payline having four and the double reels having three. Each reel can be played in single or multiples and has its own type of icon value. The icons in each reel change every time the reel is played.

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